Duzzny 14December 1, 2014: Walter Duzzny Sr. of Emergency Planning Associates spoke about the causes of a growing trend in workplace violence for members of the Rotary Club of Austintown.

Retired from the military and HAZMAT, Duzzny has extensive experience in the field of personal relations under stressful conditions which he applies to the trend. He listed causes such as domestic issues, health issues of employee or their family, and financial issues as the major situations in violence.

Some employees feel that “nobody listens” or that they are ignored by their boss. He also mentioned some symptoms to watch for as a way to intervene before an incident occurs.

Pictured above are Austintown Rotary President Vince Colaluca (left) presenting a book to be donated to the Austintown Elementary Library in honor of Walter Duzzny Sr. in his honor (right)